Saturday 12 November 2016

Mon étui

It is ready, my needle-case for embroidery. It took a while, until I figure how to fit the pieces together and where would be the best place for all the elements I need. With it, I could carry all I need for my little embroidery projects. 

The fabric, I used, is the Haori fabric, I posted earlier in my blog. It is absolutely amazing to work with it.  

The method of making the needle case wasn't any complicated. I used a layer of basic print fabric from the old gold Haori collection for a background and builded the compartment for the miniature scissors, pockets for the embroidery floss, the thimble and some buttons, and the needle holder. 

There are two little belts that could hold some safety needles, a tube with extra sewing needles and extra card of buttons or another card of embroidery floss.

The needle holder is attached to the background fabric with a simple machine stitch. It is made out of two layers of fabric, sewn together in a book-like form and could accommodate needles and pins on  the front and on the back. 

I used a heavy fusible interfacing for the needle case to give it some body and stability. 

To attach the pocket for the scissors I enjoyed doing a herringbone stitch around, using two strings of blue embroidery thread for more texture.

The pockets with thimble were made, using double layers of the old gold coloured fabric, which stands out nicely on the more tinted in yellow background. I finished the edge with a strip of the main fabric. The embroidery stitches used there are two rows of simple running stitch in one string of brown embroidery thread, weaving straight stitch in blue thread. The little pockets are formed by simple running stitch, using two strings of brown and blue embroidery thread.

The little heart button, provided from Haori in the top left corner is just the back of heart button on the face of the needle case, that is a part of the closing mechanism. 

The embroidered flower on the bottom left corner is decorating the showing stitch, that holds the measuring tape decoration on the face of the needle case.

The small blue skein, attached on the left fold is just for decoration, showing two of the colours used for the embroidery. It could always come in handy when I run out of thread. It has been stitched to the fabric, so it is permanently attached.

The perfect 4 cm wide bias tape from Haori comes so handy and its corse weave is just perfect for embroidering.  I machine stitched it to the face and slip stitched it to the onside. 

Afterwords I embroidered it all around, using combination of a feather stitch and french knot for the bottom side of the inside and a running stitch with lazy daisy stitch in between for the other three sides.

For the closing "mechanism" I crocheted a string, that is weaving through a small flowered label, sewn in the bias the biased bottom. The strings travels all the way through the back of the needle case, meeting the charming heart button on the top right corner at the front, twisting around it and securely closing the needle case.

I got so inspired by the simplicity of this way of closing, so decide to crochet the scissors pull up string. 

When the closed scissors are kept in their house, the crocheted pull is very helpful.

'Mon étui' deserves a nice emblem. I wanted it to be in a fancy frame (reminds me of delicious,  formally decorated, sugar cookie cut outs) and stitched in the same fond I am using for my logo. 

I used a light batting as a lining, that makes it more textured. It stands out nicely.

I machine stitched it first, because I decided to leave the edges raw. Than I worked over the machine stitch with a backstitch in two strands of brown embroidery floss. 'Mon étui' sign was done with a backstitch.  The label was slightly quilted, following the printed lines of the fabric.

That is it - the story of mon étui. I had the best time working on it. It took the longest of all my projects, but I only got to spend time on it in my spare time, which was quite limited. 

With it, I am ready to travel. Where the life will take me next, is about to be decided. And I am the most excited about the things I am about to discover and that will inspire me for new projects. 

Until soon, my friends...
Thanks for being my guests. It has been a real pleasure! 

♥ IN

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