Friday, 25 November 2016


Today is a very exciting day for me, because I would like to announce my first Giveaway that is coming with my next post in a couple of days, and how happy I am to be able to give one of you a chance to try the beautiful Haori fabric in 8 stunning colours and textures, for some amazing projects that you would have in mind. I hope you are excited as I am and keep an eye on the blog and also on my instagram space for more information.

Meanwhile, I would like to share another adventure of mine with the old-gold (as I love calling this collection) Haori fabric. It made these nice storage boxes and a drum looking pincushion. 

The little boxes that could hold small bobbins, buttons and all kind of notions come very handy for the busy and messy days when working with fabric. It is never easy to find the small appliqué needle, once you put it away to cut your next piece, and almost impossible to do so, when using more than one colour and kind of thread and small pieces of fabric. 

I found out that in this type of working, I tend to throw everything in the nearest container and when I need certain miniature tool, dig deep until I find it. The boxes that nest together are the best solution for organizing my working space - easy to store and carry notions.

To do the appliqué on the boxes, I needed the small appliqué pins. They are really very useful for this hand-sewing application, but very easy  to loose. Before I did the boxes, I made the little drum-pincushion.

I will have the "How-to" post for the boxes after the Giveaway, so you could try them too. 

The box above is bigger than the other one and has the logo backstitched on the back.

The measuring tape and the spool were almost fun to appliqué on this one. 

With these three (my drum-pincushion follows me everywhere) will be so much more fun to move around with my necessary stash in hands. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the ideas of these. 

Please, stay tuned for more information on the Giveaway and for other ideas.

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  1. These are the sweetest little boxes that match your craft so perfectly, and yet again show off your impeccable work ❤

  2. Would love to make these, very cute!

  3. Как же красиво! Замечательные цвета и фотографии)