Thursday, 21 June 2018

Tilda Harvest Mannequins

The curves of a woman's body ...

Inspiring artists, poets, architects ... even engineers and all kinds of scientists, the curves of a woman's body shape a temptation of the mind that leads to incredible creations. So many different angles offered by one signature curve. Thirsty hands walk the path of the curve, admiring its perfection. Lost in the city dust eyes heal the sight by resting on the dynamic change of this feminine  feature - a sinusoid curve of pleasure. 

Behind the mathematical formulas and proportions, in all its different dimensions, it startles me how Tone Finnanger came up with the design of these bustiers. And they are authentically delicate in her signature fabric designs. 

I chose to make them in fabric from her collection Tilda Harvest. This purple with teal just makes my feelings stronger.

The teal makes me feel the cool water splash of the ocean waves. It is so fresh in these hot summer days. The beautiful mannequins could carry all my summer jewellery. Their size is perfect for the long length necklaces and the feminine curve just perfectly holds the bracelets. How exciting! 

I have attached a big matching button on the back of each mannequins. It looks nice on the wings and also locks the chain from the necklaces, especially important feature for the ones with heavy crystals.

The stand is really easy to make. I collected scrap wooden pieces from the nearest construction site. Than my best buddy cut it in squares and drilled a whole for the craft stick. I finished it with bow, tied from a matching in colour crochet ribbon.

The last addition is the bead for the head. At first, I thought to place a wooden bead - all natural and nice looking. Then I found these cotton wrapped beads in Michaels. Or should I be specific and say, that my husband found them :). He does have an eye for the beautiful things - and may this not sound too perky :)))

Even bare-naked, the bustiers are perfect addition to my bedroom and/or sewing room. I could throw ribbons at them, bias binding tape, pierce them with needles and pins and they will still look proud and beautiful. 

I had a great time decorating my table with these new friends of mine. They get along well with the gifts from my dear friends Lisa and Eva, who obviously sensed my weakness for teal :)

Hope you make your own mannequins! It is really rewarding!


Friday, 8 June 2018

Tilda Sunkiss Sewing Organizer

To be kissed by the sun is a gentle act of love. There is not a living creature on the planet that doesn't need the sun to survive.

Tilda Sunkiss comes with a splash of colours - so bright and vividly eye opening, that it hurts the senses :)

The Sewing organizer pattern is form Tone Finnanger's book Tilda's Toy Box. To play with colours from Sunkiss collection is a pure happiness. It changes my mood while cutting and choosing the fabric pattern. There is so much joy in making this kit.

I chose the teal blue for starters. Blue is my weakness - so obvious, isn't it? :))

The hint of purple is so dreamy. I chose it for the inside of the organizer. It does look quite busy in prints and colours - more than my liking is usually accepting, but I feel the drama positively this time, not too overwhelmingly.

I love the heart pin-cushion to the left - it is slightly filled for providing comfort to the pins that live there :).

I made more pincushions, pattern by Tone Finnanger. I couldn't resist using more colours of Sunkiss, but the blue-teal character seemed to pull my attention strongly. 

I suggest you try these beauties out! Grab your Sunkiss bundle and sew away - the colours work their magic into raising the mood. Happy sewing, my friends!