Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Easter Brown Bags

For the season of spring, it is never too much to prepare these dressed-up simple brown bags and gift them to family and friends. I always make simple sugar cookies and decorate them (...or not). Recipe for them here. Recipe for Spring Linzer Cookies: here.

Check my post Easter Table here for decoration inspiration.

Back to the brown bags:

This year I used pastel green and yellow colours, with a hint of purple.

Please, follow the images and your heart for decorating these bags. Use the craft you love the most to express yourself at best. I have used these cross-stitched little bunny designs, but yours could be different. The idea is to incorporate the card stock with fabric and ribbon - it transforms the bag completely. 

Materials needed:

Cardboard for the labels
Fabric designs of your choice
Fabric for the backing
Ribbons in matching colours
Simple brown bags

Pattern displayed for download:

Additional tools needed: hole puncher

Once the designs are ready, place them face down with the backing fabric. With erasable pen/pencil, transfer the egg patterns on the back and stitch around the curve, leaving an opening on one side (as shown in the image below).

Do not forget the notches: these guys are super curved and in order for the design to lay out flat once turned right side out, it needs to be helped by cutting notches all around the curve. Be careful to always cut 2 mm away from the seem.

Turn your designs right side out and finish the open seams with slip stitch.

Use the flag shaped pattern to cut the labels out of the card stock.
Punch two holes in the middle for the ribbons.

I have needle-weaved a loop on top of the egg-shaped labels for the ribbons. Attach the fabric and card labels together and tie the ribbons in a bow. Fill the bags with cookies and/or Easter buns/bread: recipe here. Clip the ready label on the brown bags. Make your friends happy :)

Happy Easter!