Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Gold Autumn

The old gold autumn this year is making me happy!!! The sun's face is so close to mine - I could read the protuberances. Every morning the sun spreads his pointy straight hair of beams, piercing through the trees' well maintained tall and big hairdos. It looks like harp's strings, stretched to maximum between the sky and the ground, only to create the most gentle music for the season, that will accompany the last dance of the leaves. I just can stand there, mesmerized by the graceful landing of the leaves in their last journey. It is so beautiful... 

The generous hand of the wind this year is old and wrinkled, tired and wise, carefully taking care of every single leaf to travel unhurt-fully safe to ground. There is some piece in the air - much more than the usual fall seasons. The lack of wind whistling and slapping, still keeps the robins around. The woodpeckers jump from tree to tree, untroubled, to do their cleaning healing job.

The long shades do not feel creepy at all this year - they are well dressed in this gold garments and attract my mind and eyes. I am feeling joy, not sadness. 

Early mornings charge the mood with their crisp and bright air. The trees are just standing there - looking still asleep, after a quiet night. The sun comes out pretty fast, briefly burning the sky with a sharp red light, and instantly pouring its bright beams over. It is time to wake up, time to start the day. My eyes hurt from all this beauty. The sun is so close, it fills my eyes with tears. I want to stop this moment to savour it more.

I love the warmth of the colours, the caresses of the sun, the playful game of the wind. I am feeling so alive and blessed to have experienced this beautiful autumn.

The quiet hours of the day is when we have time to listen to our thoughts. I usually have these moments very late at night, but not today.

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