Monday, 5 October 2015

Coat "Princess"

To my barefooted beautiful princess... who sometimes asks me why she is a tomboy...

This is the first coat I have ever made. I used a nice woollen fabric for the body, plus warm lining.  For the collar, piped edges and to cover the buttons a contrasting velveteen came into the game. The pattern calls for fusible interfacing. I used non fusible one. 

The pattern:

I enjoyed working on the coat, added small details and missed few night hours of sleep over it.

I topstitched the buttonholes, using a jute cording. The result is not what I wished for. I could not find the button gimp and did not have time to make one myself out of a silk thread. The buttonhole looks nice, but when in use, the hand stitches spread slightly and the cord is showing. Also, the jute cord has its own opinion, it curves wherever it finds it comfortable. At least it protects the buttonhole from stretching.  For my next hand tailored buttonholes I will find gimp in advance.

The only one blue stitched buttonhole is for fun and crazy. When a baby is born, in my country, we tie a red or blue thread on their tiny wrists. It is a superstitious believe that the colour keeps one from bad eyes. I am in no way superstitious, but just honouring Ana's day of birth with this blue buttonhole.

In Ana's head there is constantly music sounding - no matter what kind. She loves playing. Moreover - she will wear the coat at her performances ... only. After all, she really is a tomboy. Her love for music is well noted.

 Fly, my beautiful bird, be happy and in good health! God bless you!