Monday, 7 August 2017

"Thyme with friends"

How beautifully!... thyme with friends! Is it about spending 'time' with friends, is it about the friends of the thyme, or it is simply about all of the above? In any case, the idea of Kris Lammers, while designing this fabric for Maywood Studio, to name this magnificent collection so playfully, is absolutely amazing! 

I love every single element: the herbs, the tiny blossoms, the details in the print, the sharpness of the plants, the cursive signs and the realistic leaves. This collection is so vivid and unique, I can smell the herbs, and I can feel their calming effect on me, while working on this project. 

My love for Nature provoked my curiosity for healing body and soul majorly with herbs as soon as my first baby was born. And for the past eighteen years, I have been studying the unique power of the plants and their effect on the immunity and life in general. I am still learning, and for all those years I realized, that there is always going to be why-s, since there is always 'right' against 'wrong'. The stronger the evolution grows, the more theories are 'discovered', the more controversy has been created and more fighting opinions will challenge the truth. I had chosen to accept a theory that my heart is willing to adopt, following the simple principles of science. 

(front view)

I made this organizer, following the pattern of Tatyana. She is an extraordinary master of creations. Among the cute little Christmas tree ornaments, she creates so many useful items that make my eyes crossing paths of sight... There is always such elegance and perfect execution in her projects! Her standards are the highest I have ever came across. 

This travel organizer as she created it to be, turned out as my most precious "Heal with Nature"  organizer, that travels with me everywhere. On every trip, no matter how long, I am always prepared with the most essential items, my family may need. I have my information leaflets and my prescriptions as well as my little tubes.

The journal is a very important part of my homeopathy journey. It contains a years of experience and is very useful for times when I am not sure of the right potency. 

I could keep one on the left side of the organizer, and/or one in the hidden pocket to the right side.
With so many pockets, it is not a challenge to find where anything is, because Tatyana properly organized the pockets in such a manner so my items are always at a glance. 

The above image is the first step of opening the organizer.

Opened organizer in full. (above)

There is one movable part, that could hold paper materials, when turned on the left side , or carry pencils, pens and a small ruler, when opened to the right (below image), revealing three more pockets underneath. This is simply amazing!

The protectors of the skin are well guarded behind the calming chamomile pocket with antiseptic super powers:

I love my new organizer! It is not only a celebration of the most aromatic herbs, but a practical companion. 

Thank you for stopping by, dear friends!

Smell the herbs and be happy!
♥ Ivelina

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