Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Mon étui in progress

Oh, lovely autumn, so inspiring and beautiful! 

And I am so in love with the Haori fabric! It was exactly what I was looking for my special "Mon étui" project. Muted, earthy colours, very course weave, that gives a characteristic texture to the fabric. Differently coloured fibres, interestingly weaved into the solid colour make the thread choices a challenge that results in a telling-a-story kind of projects - just the ones I love.   

Finally, I narrowed down my choices to these colours: 

I made the pattern for my étui out of my daughter's draft paper - the tests she was practicing on for her Royal Conservatory Music theory exam. I have a whole bunch of sheets with notes here, lots of projects to accommodate on them :)

And then, here came the challenge, I was up against, of making the little embroidery scissors' pattern... It wasn't only the drawing part, it was the size, and copying the pattern to the fabric... I still do not have the kind of paper that could save time and effort. I still have no idea what to use for copying, so, in case you have a clue what could help me through this journey, I would appreciate a hint or two on the topic. And my research will continue (when I find time for it), so if I find out first, I will definitely post here.

Every element I used on the needle case was first drawn on paper, cut out and copied to the fabric. For the scissors, I needed to cut out the contour lines first and then the inner contour of the handles, to make sure that I have that right. Uh, it was a very exciting job, I have to admit. Seeing how this pair of scissors appear on the fabric and imagining it in total completion, or, I couldn't wait to start the embroidery part. If you decide to make this project, I will post the pattern and instructions, once I finish it.

Embroidery stitches used here:

1. Backstitch - for the contour lines
2. French knot
3. Cross stitch
4. Running stitch

What is a needle case without a needle catcher? I decided a spool of thread that holds the main embroidery needle would be a perfect pattern on my home-for-the-needles placement.

I couldn't resist accenting the spool with the matching blue thread. Again, the fabric itself was screaming for that. 

Embroidery stitches used:

1. Backstitch
2. Cross stitch
3. French knot

My last embroidery project on the needle case is the thimble. I love thimbles. I have to admit, I really use any, and even if I use, I start stitching without, and after my fingers start hurting, I put on a thimble. The freedom I have working with less equipment is a joy but I pay a small price for that.

Embroidery stitches used:

1. Backstitch
2. French knot

These will come together in a complete 'Mon étui' needle case and I will post it soon. Every spare minute I have, I invest in it. Unfortunately, life is so busy these days... I am trying to figure out how our ancestors were able to work on so many amazing projects: making everything with their hands, raise 5-6  kids, producing their own food and still have time to stitch. How is our life better today?

I am really enjoying working on this! What is in your hands today?

Thank you for reading! 
♥ IN

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