Friday, 8 June 2018

Tilda Sunkiss Sewing Organizer

To be kissed by the sun is a gentle act of love. There is not a living creature on the planet that doesn't need the sun to survive.

Tilda Sunkiss comes with a splash of colours - so bright and vividly eye opening, that it hurts the senses :)

The Sewing organizer pattern is form Tone Finnanger's book Tilda's Toy Box. To play with colours from Sunkiss collection is a pure happiness. It changes my mood while cutting and choosing the fabric pattern. There is so much joy in making this kit.

I chose the teal blue for starters. Blue is my weakness - so obvious, isn't it? :))

The hint of purple is so dreamy. I chose it for the inside of the organizer. It does look quite busy in prints and colours - more than my liking is usually accepting, but I feel the drama positively this time, not too overwhelmingly.

I love the heart pin-cushion to the left - it is slightly filled for providing comfort to the pins that live there :).

I made more pincushions, pattern by Tone Finnanger. I couldn't resist using more colours of Sunkiss, but the blue-teal character seemed to pull my attention strongly. 

I suggest you try these beauties out! Grab your Sunkiss bundle and sew away - the colours work their magic into raising the mood. Happy sewing, my friends!


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  1. Beautiful happy post Ivelina! Your photos, words and creations are all so lovely and sweet�� -Lisa