Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Princess is coming to the world

What wonderful news I have to share!

A beautiful princess is coming to the world very soon. I will be a happy aunt for the third time, but for the first - an aunt of a princess. 

Getting ready for this wonderful creature to arrive, I only prepared few necessities:

an outdoor/indoor blanket: 

This is a soft and cosy combination of Minky Dimple Fabric and the softest flannelette I found. This girl will have two wild brothers. She will be surrounded by car toys, swards and may be she will have a passion for dinosaurs. The thought for the colour blue to belong only to boy's garments is unfair. Sky blue is my favourite colour. I couldn't resist it...

I love small tags on the items I sew. This time, I couldn't use the stamp technic, I used in the princess coat, I made last winter. The blanket will be washed so many times. It had to be hand-sewn, something that will last through washing, chewing, throwing and playing. I embroidered the sign on a light weight unbleached cotton canvas, using DMC embroidery floss in matching colours (yes, sky blue is a colour with a special place in my heart). I was using only a backstitch - there is not much space for wilder embroidery...

a sleeping bag:

A warm flannelette, lined with cotton and few accents. The elephants are etalon for patience. I was fortunate to find even a cute little elephant button. The princess logo is embroidered on linen, using cross stitch, running stitch and french knot stitch. She will be a royalty, for sure!!!

The side label is made out of linen. I used DMC floss to embroider the flower petals in chain stitching.

some more simple blankets:

Nothing special in this one, except my signature label (couldn't resist...). I made it out of linen and only embroidered a flower. 

All ready for shipping... By the time they cross the Atlantic, I would probably be ready with more. This is not the end of it. To be continued...

With all my love to my soon to be born little princess niece...