Monday, 1 October 2018

The fire-fur companions of the woods

First signs of autumn do not fancy to be bold - it is almost as if they are fearful to start decorating the earth for the grand welcoming of the fire-starter season. As if someone is holding on the big explosion of hot and burning colours. Or maybe it is the green that is so stubborn - holding on to the last breath of the trees, tying tightly the loose straws of the nests - homes to the recently departed cheerful singing residents, protecting the fruits for the little climbing creatures, who are in a rush to fill their hollows with food. 

Only the sky touchers, high tops of the biggest maples started to give up on the temptation to put their robes on - bright in gold and ruby, they prepare for the last ball of the forest. Most of the times, I could only imagine what is life looking like in the deepest ends of the woods. It probably feels like one crazy megapolis, all strapped with busy noisy highways, where everyone is honking, yelling and fighting for their right to cross first and prepare for the quietest season of all, when the peace is painted in pure burning white. But first, let me enjoy the colours of one very intriguing, playful season, that changes her dresses with an inflated pride almost daily. I won't boost her vanity by admiring her presence, but by acknowledging her Castilians.

Foxes have been an amazing creatures - subject to fables, they cary the wisdom of the common people. 

I couldn't resist this year - I had to stitch a collection by Hélène Le Berre. I changed the design a little bit, making different pages of foxes, instead of one full paneaux as the designer created it. These adorable creatures (and many more) could be found in the book Agenda point de croix 2018 "Adorable animaux".

This little guy is planning on something. I have a special project for him :)

Apparently, there is a very unique hearing power to the foxy ears. I have a friend, who finds the ability to hear as a fox a blessing and a curse. She is an incredible musician and a very demanding teacher. Her students can not get away with pitchy notes :). That is how this guy finds a new home soon :).

This, probably, is my favourite of all designs. I see my babies being calm and protected in their sleep. It brings back so precious memories from their first days. My girl has an eye for this design, and I will make her something pretty, although, do not know what yet...

The days are becoming gloomy and sad. It is only a matter of time before the green give up fighting the new-colour fashion. I am holding on to the warmth of the season - aroma of orange and chocolate brown. Another beautiful day after another to be thankful for the gifts of Nature.

Hope you find peace in the rainy days!


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