Thursday, 25 May 2017

TILDA Giveaway

Dear friends,

I have a reson to celebrate! I am finally able to offer the exquisite brand TILDA

I have been a TILDA fan for so many years. Tone Finnnanger books have always been an inspiration to me. For those of you who know me for quite awhile now, you would probably remember my posts with items I made from her books - the sweet Christmas Angel, the absolutely dreamy wings, that my daughter is flying with, the charming little pig, the Christmas stocking... 

I made them, inspired by the books and always a little sad that I did not have the fabric to play with.

Now I am really happy to present TILDA to you and to start our journey together in many interesting and intriguing ways, that would bring us even closer. Join me for this celebration!

I would like to give to one of you this little set of TILDA goodies. It describes my personality in so many levels. The shabby delicate tags are where my eyes would like to rest undistracted, the vintage thread cards are my passion for delicate embroidery, the fabric buttons are my obsessive story of matching things with style, the "Bumblebee" is my love for the bees and their hard work, the daisy origami flower is from my baby daughter - she knows it is my favourite flower. The most special fabric label "for a good friend" is for you all, who have been next to me since I started this diary, for you, who are just joining and for those, who we are about to find. 

I am amazed how many people create! Creating is what makes us different than every other living creature on the planet - the ability to create, the imagination and the fact that this is what defines us the most.

Please, leave your comment here for a chance to win, follow me in Instagram and share with your friends.

Stay tuned for the new TILDA collection that is coming in August. It is called HARVEST and it is absolutely beautiful.

When this amazing fabric arrives, there will be a new giveaway and many other activities that we could do together. 

Visit my little happy shop for more TILDA

Thank you for visiting! Wishing you a happy weekend! 


  1. Just like you, I fell for all things Tilda thanks to her wonderful books and dreamed of being able to find her fabrics to sew with. I now have a little stash of Tilda that a lovely blog friend in Sweden, swaps and gifts me, but I am quite excited and delighted to discover a Canadian shop carrying Tilda!
    Thank you for the chance to win some Tilda. Here's to a shared love of Tilda and happy hours spent creating!

  2. Ooooh! This is very special!!! I love all things Tilda but especially the fabrics!! Thank you😉

  3. I admire your work - so sweet and creative and useful items-small jewels!I love the personality behind the tiny extra touches! Never stop sharing you pieces of art and good luck with the store!☺

  4. О! Как прекрасно! Удивительный шанс!!! Люблю новую коллекцию) Пчелы - это прекрасно!!!!
    Следую в инстаграм!
    Алеся Кискина

  5. To be honest Ivelina I am not sure what I am enjoying more - your embroidery and sewing creations or your stories... and... I love your beautiful photos as well... all your beauties touch my soul :) I keep my fingers crossed for your little happy shop ❤

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to win these Tilda goodies!