Monday 10 February 2020

The Cheese is Served

For the need of perfect cheese serving, I created this beautiful cloth, so inspired by the long anticipated trip to Switzerland, where cheese and chocolate rule the days of all the living creatures :)

The stitching design features vintage soft cheese labels. It is beyond a doubt one of the most delicious savoury creations of Véronique Enginger.

I look back at traditions. I don't misplace my passion for well tailored table with excuses how busy life gets in our days. Even a simple cheese platter deserves a night gown :)

Cheers and bon appétit!

Thursday 15 August 2019

Milk Thistle mini-ShoulderPack

This post is with the generous cooperation of Zakka Workshop

The need of miniature bags with specious compartments is urgent :). My yearly trips to Disney prove it. My wanderings are so much more care-free with a bag that doesn't obstruct my way through the crowd, is always on my shoulder for easy access (I do not need to perform a chiropractic exercise in order to access my wallet or a water bottle), and a one that could be warn on the back or on the chest. 

I love structured bags - not heavily lined and bulky, but light and natural-looking. The metal frame, from Zakka Workshop magically turns my wishes into a real thing. It provides a very delicate way of stabilizing the top of the bag, that creates a distinctive look and incredibly easy access to the inside of it. Ladies purses are known for the messy content, but with this frame, I am able to see everything inside at a glance - no need for digging and shovelling things around :) 

The frame could be found here. It is a beautiful pattern with all the hardware included: a frame and a zipper. I created my own pattern, based on the original one, and used a matching zipper. I really needed to enjoy my bag through all my travels, to have it with me all the time. The possibilities with the use of this frame are so many - it is just a matter of imagination and ... hard work to make your pattern work. I have to admit, it took me quite some time to figure out what I really want, and the pattern needed to be changed few times, in the process of making. My initial idea was for a backpack, it felt so unnatural with too many straps for this design, so I had to start over. The result is worth every single effort. I am really happy with my truly feminine style ShoulderPack :))

All the fabric materials, including the webbing strap and the back zipper are from my dear friends at DailyLike Canada

I have used Bio-Washing Cotton Linen 'Moss Grey' for the basic part of the bag, embroidered my Milk Thistle on the 'Misty Grey' Ramie Bio-Washing Linen, and lined my bag with 'Foot Path' cotton.  

I did use the 'Khaki' webbing for the accents along the seams and for the bag-strap, and the 'Mint' simple zipper for the back hidden pocket. 

All other metal hardware is from Inazuma, Japan.

Happy summer travels to all! I hope your bag gives you joy!