Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas red... It is just classic. I think, a red coat should be present in my wardrobe. I would love to, but things does not always work that well...

I can not take credit for the idea of this Christmas-tree-red-coat ornament. I saw it online in Alicia Paulson's collection, and immediately fell in love with it. I love the contrasting stitching. I added a velveteen ribbon and a small heart detail on the front of the coat for warmer feel.

This is how to make your own:


2 red felt squares
1 cream felt square
velveteen ribbon
3 smal metal buttons
red DMC embroidery thread
cream DMC embroidery thread
fibre fill
26 gauge wire for the hanger


1. Make a paper pattern first for all the details - back, two fronts, pockets, mittens and collar.
2. Use a blanket stitch to connect the two front pieces together.
3. Attach the pockets with a contrasting colour.
4. Sew the buttons. Make the heart detail.
5. Using a blanket stitch, attach the front and back. Before completely closing the sleeves, add a tiny bit of fibre fill to give them some shape.
6. Slip stitch the velveteen cuffs and the belt.
7. Attach the collar with a blanket stitch.
8. Decorate the mittens and blanket stitch the front and back sides together. Attach them to the cuffs. 
9. Very gently fill the coat with fibre fill.

I made a hanger out of a 26 gauge wire. It was a nice challenge and completed the nice elegant look of the coat.