Monday, 22 May 2017

Fairy Artful

If you are a person who believes in magic, you have most definitely already met her. She is an amazing creature - beautiful, carrying, loving, vey rich in colour and so delicate - true fairy! 

I have met her just few months ago but it feels like we have been friends for years... I would say, since my matured young years, since I have started understanding myself, since I have found myself. She popped out of the blue (I love that expression - maybe because blue is my favourite colour, maybe because it is the colour of the sky, and I have always wanted to experience the birds' freedom...). She grew like one of those wild flowers in my garden, the ones, that people consider a weed, but I am waiting for the time, when the bloom comes out. It is so it happens that green unknown leaves start coming out of the ground, just next to my beautiful roses. I patiently wait for the blooming moment. It takes weeks before the tiny white head sneaks out of the leaves, proud and tall but so afraid, busy to hide back in the comfort of the green blanket. But I notice the beautifully shaped crown of petals, so tiny (almost invisible, if you don't look closer), and so delicate. 

It takes one deep breath to be able to enjoy this tiny wild flower, it takes a heart to accept it. It always brings me so much more joy than the roses. I take a really good care of them and they become spoiled and capricious... They take my care for granted, and I love them, no matter what,...I love them so much...

But this beautiful, humble, unpretentious little flower fills my heart with unrecognized until that moment love - so thrilling, it finally helps me discover the feeling of birds' freedom. 

With her magical powers of the Fairy of Nature, she helps me fly, she helps me love unconditionally, she inspires me for greatness! 

I felt so blessed when I received a package from her. I have never, before in my life, received such a surprise. Out of the blue (it is true, I love this expression), the most beautiful things come to my door. How important I felt at that moment, I can not explain. As I said, she made me feel like I was flying... 

Every little thing she sent was very well collected, with so much thought and love.

Can you believe how well my thread will be treated?! Spa treatment for my thread, thanks to my sweet charming fairy. I can not wait to try the fancy appliqué needles. I am still wondering how she knows I like appliquéing. 

Have you noticed the gipsy wagon? How on earth she knows I love the gipsy style? How is it possible that she knows so much about me?

I have been admiring her little clasp pouches for so long now and she sensed my true love for them. It is so much cuter in person. I will carry this bijoux with me all the time (with my lucky penny inside) my special friend I have met recently, who will carry her cute little needle organizer, made with so much love by the most magical fairy ... :) 

The trivet I received just melts my heart completely...

She has poured her heart there - every stitch tells me a story about her busy enchanting life, and I can fell the passion she made it with...

I love this mini! 
I honestly feel that any word I write won't be expressive enough to describe my feeling for it. Sometimes, it is just the eyes that speak, and the heart. 

She had read the post I wrote about the snowdrop and how this little flower brings memories from my childhood. This amazing trivet, made with so much love, has a special place in my heart and home. I can not stop dipping my eyes into this sky blue - my favourite colour... 

My magical fairy, with the most sparkling blue in her eyes, that is a perfect reflection of a summer sky, with her warm big heart, that loves the world... she is a blessing!

I feel so happy and light hearted, I feel pixie dusted ...

Thank you, my lovely friend! My world is so much more beautiful place with you in it!  

Thank you all for visiting me in this fresh, early morning!

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  1. What a lovely post! It has been a short time since I first "met" Lisa on IG and she is as sweet as you describe her. She is full of pixie dust and sunbeams! So delighted to see the lovely gifts she made especially and chose especially for you, Ivelina! Nothing quite so magical as making friends that share similar interests and pixie dust!