Friday, 2 December 2016

Red and White Christmas

On the first days of December, the countdown begins. There are only not so many days till Christmas and we better be prepared. I am not sure, if there would ever be Christmas for which I would be prepared ...

Three years have passed, since I have first collected the fabric and everything I needed for my Red and White Christmas. In my post "20 more sleeps till Christmas" (from 2013, embarrassed to admit)  I described the first handmade gift giving I was about to make. And yes, I made it, but here it is the post for it three years later. 

The big influence that I had from TILDA in my post Blue and Silver Christmas continued through the years. I find Tone's creations magnificent in their characteristic simplicity and charming in the message they send to people whom you giving them to. 

What a great idea to have the stockings narrow and long! Surely, it is a bit difficult to fit a big present or a box of chocolate, but they seem to be a nice home for a high stack of cookies.

 The fabric cones with contrasting lining are a perfect packaging for candies.

The elegance of the small feminine boots shows a great style. In her book 'Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle', Tone Finnanger has so many different projects for the whole family. My family had a wonderful Red and White Christmas presents with them.   

My little angel was spreading the joy of the holidays with her wings. The lovely design of the straps makes the fabric strip adjustable, so she still wears them (for three Christmases already). 

There is one thing I couldn't resist making from this book for my beautiful angel - the Tilda signature angel.

My grown up girl is entering the adult years now, but she keeps her angel features all the time, through all the changes. She is becoming my grounding point - she guides me with her light and innocence and her full of optimism character is such a bright star, I follow unconditionally.

My red and white Christmas is in the scrap book of memories, I will keep forever. And looking back is so inspiring, so I gaze forward and not knowing what to expect, dive into creating new memories. How fortunate I feel, how loved and needed...

How does your anticipation for Christmas feel like? I would love to hear from you...

From the past Christmas adventures, to the present ones,
♥ IN

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