Monday 5 December 2016

Christmas Fabric Choice

Here is my Christmas fabric choice for this year. It was an easy choice - I felt in love with this fabric from first sight. I am addicted to Haori fabric - the more I experience it, the more I like working with it. And the projects in my head are multiplying geometrically - my days are never long enough to finish them. 

Haori fabric has a heart and soul. Everything that I make with it tells a story. And the story always starts with the weave. It is hard to decide what to draw with my needle on it, because the canvas has already a picture started. And the fact that I am able to continue the story of the fabric designer Lina Yang with my simple creations, is just so amazing, that my heart feels with happiness. 

These colours will make my Christmas transformed and yet again very traditional. I will use the strong red colours in a gentle combination with the pink, incorporating the wonderfully textured greens. My unleashed imagination is pulsing lively. I am so inspired!

There is nothing ordinary with Haori fabric. Even in the simplest striped print, you discover a hint of new colour, gently weaved, without screaming its presence. And no plain canvas exists in Haori collection - there is always a texture, a different orientation of the fibres that creates these whimsical shapes. 

My Christmas mood has been set to maximum. What is in you plans for the next nineteen days? What would you make with these beauties?

Thanks for sharing your time with me! Cheers,


  1. They are really sooo beautiful! I have never seen These fabrics and I am in love too! I am sure in reality they are even greater!
    I really love your basket and will have to try it soon. But the ideas about a framebag are also stirring around in my brain, lol!
    Have a wonderful time creating and enjoying the Special Advent time!
    Hugs Martina

    1. What a wonderful way to connect, Martina, and thank you for the nice words! I love framing bags, but I have never made one. I will definitely try it!