Sunday 4 December 2016

The Haori Old Gold Collection

With this post I will put the exclamation mark to my Haori "Old Gold" Collection experience. It has been a wonderful journey to experience the fabric for the first time.

The Mon étui post was the first to make from this fabric collection and was something I really needed for my signature and for my soon-to-be trips. I will be able to organize my notions better and go to our vacations  prepared. We love driving to our destinations. Sometimes it takes days. What a better way to spend my time in the car, while chatting with my girls and husband, but to work as well!

My little pin-holder comes next in the list. It is so tiny - it will collect just the necessary amount of pins for small makings on the road. 

The boxes are a wonderful feature! I will carry one of the small ones with me always. The small brick of pre-cut quilt Haori fabric fits perfectly in and there is still space for a card of bias tape or my air-dry pen, tailor's chalk or just a spool of thread. The small box easily accommodates two of the pre-cut quilt fabric packages, each 7cm x 7cm. What a wonderful charms they are!

The Haori thread in its shininess - it is an irresistible temptation. The thread is very silky and is amazing to work with. I tried few hand-stitches with it and I loved its smooth drive through the fabric 

The basic colours of Haori thread do not look ordinary at all in its elegant box. Every detail was precisely evaluated, before put in the packaging. It is obvious how all of it has been designed and made with passion.

I will open another page and find a new story to tell. If you are curios to hear it, do not forget to follow us. It is always nice to hear your opinion and stories as well.

Be loved and love stronger!
♥ IN

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  1. Long haori jackets were originally worn by the samurai class during the Edo period in Japan (1603-1868). Today they are still commonly found in both traditional and modern fashion styles, with some designs featuring unique materials such as cotton or linen.