Tuesday, 25 October 2016


It is fascinating how beautiful this autumn is. All the colours are in the air. And when the sun beams kiss the tree crowns, it explodes fire and all this beautiful reflection in the puddles start dancing in a wonderful, primitive and inspiring dance.

This is one of these moments that I want to seal in my memory forever - can not take any more beauty. 

Until the autumn is still warm and happy, before the angry winds' dance, the best cover to wear is a warm wool, knitted poncho. The one I made for my girl is very easy to knit. I did not need it textured, so the variegated yarn could stand out. 

The original shape of the poncho is different, but I made it intentionally longer on the arms. Ana has always wanted to fly. She had made a pair of wings out of cardboard, when she was 5. I still keep them in my treasure chest. These are her wings in a cosy wrapping clothing.

Here is how to knit it:

materials needed:

350 (400) g variegated yarn - 100% wool, or 50% wool and 50% acrylic
50 g solid colour yarn - 100% wool, or 50% wool and 50% acrylic
knitting needles size 4 mm (4.5 mm), I used 80 cm circular 4 mm needles

The 10cm x 10cm knitted sample of the yarn produces 22 knits and 30 rows. Make sure that you are aware of your yarn sample and adjust to the pattern above in centimetres.

Since the pattern is not for a fitted clothing, it could fit size 6-8 (in brackets) and 8-10.

How to:

1. Knit two separate pieces for the front and back.
2. Sew them together.
3. Cross-stitch over the side seam.
4. Crochet the wholes for the pom-pom rope around the neck.
5. Make the pom-pom rope.
6. Make the fringe as desired.

The poncho gives your kid freedom to move and at the same time feel like a bird. It is a weekend project and a couple of movies, watched in a rainy day.

Enjoy making it!

Thanks for visiting! 🍂 🌾🍁

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  1. Oh, it's so beautiful! These warm autumn colors and pom-poms and fringes... so nice! Bravo! I'd like having one for myself :)