Monday, 10 October 2016

Happy Friends Giving

Here is another adventure, I would like to go on.

I have been admiring Minki's blog for years already. Every post of hers has a sewing illustration that takes you on a journey - from every day lived scenes to a heart breaking children's pictures. I love sinking into the comfort of looking at her work. 

I have never dared to try anything like this, but secretly, I always wanted... I just wasn't sure, if I would be able to handle the disappointment. The day I decided to do this little candy bag as a gift, I must had been inspired by the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration with a friend, who is also crazy about fabric and who actually believes, that it doesn't matter how frustrating the surrounding could be, as soon as she is in a presence of some fabric, she is perfectly happy. So... what better present for Thanksgiving, but a handmade one?! I would probably would haven't still tried the drawing with thread and fabric, if it wasn't for the giving gesture.

I needed to copy the image on the fabric. What a challenge... I probably drew it four times before I was able to transfer it on a way to the main fabric, which I chose to be a cotton twill. No transfer paper, no special pans, so I had to be creative, but it took me probably three times the time I would have spent, if I had the gadgets. Who cares about that, though, my project is a go go and I was one step further than when I started.

My little personalized tag that is hanging on the side of the bag is the miniature card that keeps a tiny message. 

Who could resist a delicious, gently melting and perfectly smooth (believe it or not, I insist on smooth texture) Lindt chocolate truffles?! Especially, with their new flavour pumpkin spice. 

I loved machine sewing through most of the wreath. I had troubles with the tiny fruits and the leaves,  in cutting off these small pieces of fabric and keeping them in place, while machine stitching them, and by the time I was done, after hours on the machine desk, my whole body hurt... But I was pleased with the result. Now I know why Minki calls it 'sewing illustrations' - I was about to say something with my sewing. But I was far from done.

Some of the green leaves (most of them) I hand-stitched, as well as some of the red fruits, for which I used french knot stitch. The sign is hand stitched too, and lastly - the personalized tag.

There are so many lovely things about this project! I explored a completely new to me way of sewing through drawing pictures with the tools that I love using - a needle and some thread. I made a little unique bag to fill with chocolate, but it could be easily used as a lunch bag, or any other. And the best part of this story, I get to give it as a present.

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  1. Hello there! I have recently stumbled onto your site and am absolutely in love with this bag and so many other things you've created! You are totally amazing!! Do you have patterns for your bag "Happy Friends Giving" and if so where oh where can I find it? I've never left
    a comment before so I'm not sure how this works but my name is Kathy and my email address is