Saturday, 15 October 2016

Happiness is Homemade

It is school time. 

My girls are still at school, and while we are hunting for prom dresses for my older one and trying to fit into the requirements she is having, the little one is still enjoying everything I make for her. 

There were two major things at school, I accepted with a lot of struggle. One: sleeping on the floor at junior and senior kinder garden and two: not having a canteen at the elementary schools, so the kids eat on their working desks. 

I try not to think about that too much now, but at first this was shocking to me. The desks where they work their science projects, and spread leaves, or even study the density of different types of rocks, which involves breaking them with a hammer, on the desks where there is constant residue from pencils sharpening, they only have 20 min to eat, which means no time to properly clean the space and prepare it for lunch. I guess, there is a reason for this settlement, but I still haven't found it. The only thing I could do is make a placemat. And she has learned through the years that it is important to have a meal on a clean cloth, since this shows respect and gratitude. 

I made this placemat for my girl and she is excited to use it at school. The food is so much more delicious when it is homemade and even tastes better, stamped with mom's love. 

My daughter will probably enjoy all the things I make for her for a little longer... until ... probably we get close to the prom. And I am planing of enjoying these moments, until they last, because time flies fast.

Try this homemade bread. Recipe is in Tablier taché.

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