Thursday 29 September 2016

Dans mon jardin

My garden is my safe place. It is not a secret garden, but I am the one knowing all her secrets. I  can read her. When she is sad, she shows it with the flowers. This summer the roses didn't bloom, they did not even grow well - there wasn't a single rose blossom through the whole season. After the strong and almost painful for the eyes green growing in the spring, they were kind of sad - still very proud in their beauty, but not full of blooms.

At the end of the summer, my garden was furious - all the herbs grew wild - with their twisted with anger stalks, they were trying to reach a size of a tree as if they needed attention. The roses were still sleeping. It felt as if a curse was hanging over their beautiful, crowned in wax green leaves heads. 

I couldn't wake my garden, I couldn't calm her down. Only the lavender was talking to me, but even her strong calming scent did not affect the garden, until ... one morning all the roses at once woke up with perfectly shaped buds - they looked like a crowned queens - every single one of them.

Through all these garden adventures, there were so many visitors - some very polite and nice, some rude, some very buzzing, some absolutely noisy, some hopping and munching, others in a hurry. All of them - very welcome. 

I couldn't pass on the opportunity to stitch a scene from Veronique Enginger's book "Dans mon jardin". This wonderful book in pictures and patterns is such an amazing story of a garden. I chose these two bird's scenes. 

I was amazed by her colour choices, by the feather details and the birds presence. The whole book is about spring and new life, but in these two pictures I see mostly autumn - the three birds in line, the falling feathers and, of course the colours, light up my autumn feelings. The eggs are just a reminder, that even with all the birds, flying south for the winter season, my garden will have the nests build up again next spring. 

I used a 14 ct linen fabric, followed the colour choices of the author for the DMC embroidery floss and  crossed stitched as in the instructions. 

I will keep the pillows on my bench in the entry hallway for the whole autumn. 

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