Thursday, 5 April 2018

Mouse Rollcake Bag

It is a family story, I have to admit... - a curse and a blessing, a story, that probably many families go through - to have a taste of the unknown and fall in love with it forever. That is what happened seven years ago, when we first set a foot in Disney World. With the presumption that we are doing this heroic act for the kids and kids only, that we would accompany them, only carrying the heavy backpack under the non-merciful Floridian sun in March, we sacrificed ten days of our yearly vacation allowance and went on a difficult trip of pure suffer to Disney World.  The things that we assume in life and that win our hearts forever...

What happened after our first visit in the resort is... we all caught a severe incurable fever of Disney love. A year later, we went back, a year afterwords, we decided to own a little piece of it, and now it is like a home of ours, that we go to every year, and in 2017 - even twice :)

My daughter decided on the first day of our first visit that she will work for Disney one day. A dream, that six years later is proving to be a real thing and not a dream any more. She is so excited to go there for the whole summer, I thing she is living through the longest days of her life now with the countdown. I am as excited as she is, but also a mom-worrysome. In my attempt to support her beyond her expectation, I decided to send her with something unique and heart-made. 

Minki's  Rollcake Bag seemed a perfect item to make. My love for Minki is old and fire-tested - I have been inspired by her in so many ways - she stitches her life and describes it in the most beautiful way with her creations. Her pattern for the Rollcake is perfect for my design of vintage Mickey Mouse logo. I like the idea of a round bag - it is like my love for my daughter - without end. This little and compact bag is quite generous in volume. You could find the pattern here.

The fabric of my choice is the never disappointing me Haori cotton. 

For Mr. Walt Disney, it all started with a mouse. My Mouse of a kind started with shoes - as unique as they could be, evolving through the years...

I wish my daughter to experience many beautiful things - even more than she anticipated. And to create so many wonderful memories earning her ears :)

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." W. Disney

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