Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Lemon Tree 🍋

Tilda 'Lemon Tree' came in February with an unbelievable dance of colours. The splash of yellow and green is like a smiling sun in spring, but seems like looking at it through filtered sunglasses. The yellow is not this burning young white, but a tired mature one, mixed with mustard. The green is almost an exposure of a colour to a setting sun light - not bright and vivid. And then there is the teal blue in between them, that makes the whole colour pallet a little chilly in all this warmness. 

I wasn't sure at first how to like this mixture of colours, after all the vintage faded Tilda collections that have won my heart through the years. And then I designed these little things that made my home happier.  

'Lemon Tree' screams for lemons, and my attention was captured by this old whimsical lemon tree with all the magic and hope that it grew through the years! I have to admit, this is my favourite print of all - in this yellow-orange shadow, that makes me calm in the fresh old-tree hug. I took the time to explore all the creatures in the print. That is why, the first cut was for the back of the pillow - I couldn't chop the tree - I had to preserve it:

When it is dark at night, there is a chandelier, hanging on, that helps the darkness disappear :)

Lemon tree without lemons is just wood without soul, ready to be cut and burn into last sparkle, warming up cold winter days. I have picked the DMC thread in matching colours and the right 'Permin' linen and got busy stitching the lemons. 

All my house is full of freshness. The true Tuscany lemons are quite fresh and sour in colour as their flavour. The Meyer lemons make a perfect match with the yellow of the 'Lemon tree' collection.

My first make is this square basket in randomly cut patches. I can walk everywhere with it, storing my bathroom necessities or fabric leftovers, or even having it as a fruit basket. I wonder what fruit could I put in ?! :)))

After the fresh lemon SPA treatment, I am moving my comfort to the living room.

At one point, I need to stop by the kitchen, where lemon curd and aromatic raspberries will dance in a delicious cupcake round. Visit my kitchen for more about the cupcakes.

The idea of making a pillow cover came after the basket. When I saw how well the prints came together, I decided that I need this joy in my living room. Lemons are a given - they are the focus of my design in total, but how to bring up the pink? That is why I adapted the cross-stitch design to focus on the pink flowers of 'Lemon Tree' collection.

These flowers create an interesting presence of warm colours, slightly brought up to Earth with the cool, almost plain green-blue stripes, that I cut on a bias. 

One thing that was important as well is the back of my pillow, that has the so loved lemon tree in its gorgeousness. I focused on the vase and the main branches with stitching around the main lines, plus few modest accents on the front as well.

I believe that we are in charge of creating the mood of our days. Sometimes, cheerful things come from unexpected actions at unknown places. I couldn't believe I will love these colours, but when I was done with my living room setting, I found how much I enjoy the colours and the deliciousness together. And I am on my way to create more joy with Tilda 'Lemon Tree', because there are two more main colours in the collection to be explored, and they are as cheerful as the yellow and green (and even more).

Have a bite, my friends, savour your early spring day as if it was a delicious fresh cupcake and enjoy the colours that surround you!

Wishing you fresh days,


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