Monday, 28 August 2017

"The Apple of Knowledge" Mini-Purse and Pattern

It is almost time for the beginning of the school year. 

Mixed feelings fight in me. It is so exciting to witness the noice and laughter of the busy flying bees with full bag packs on their fragile shoulders and a little bit disturbed by the strong smell of the loudly coughing yellow buses. To come out of the comforting and warm hug of the summer and dive deeply into the chilly kiss of this crisp "first day at school" morning is a bit sad - it is a symptom of autumn condition - almost tasting the upcoming winds that will ruin the trees' hair style and will make us walk on a carpet of gold. It is this recipe of running, screaming, honking, eagerness to share summer stories with friends, parents slightly annoyed that again something is changing, preparing mentally for the new wave of flu, fever adventure, friendship drama, classmates' arguments and teachers new rules. Soon, we all will be running into the school backyards, so grateful that we have these amazing, inspiring us little creatures, thirsty for learning new things and we will feel young again, remembering our first days at school.

This little purse was inspired by these emotions. From all the holidays and celebrations through the year, I think this is the most permanent one - it will never change, even when our children outgrow their school years, there is going to be noice and laughter every year at that time and how beautiful  that is?!

The purse is big enough for the small size moleskin and all of your favourite pens and pencils, plus small accessories. The original design is a HAORI design, and I have changed the front image. In my school years, there was a very strict requirement for wearing an uniform - navy blue suit and snowy white shirt with navy tie for the boys and black or navy gown with white 'Peter Pan' collar for the girls. Black spotless shoes, clean, ironed clothing, hair in perfect order and a bunch of flowers for the teacher - that is how I remember my first days at school and the girl's image represents my sentiments from these days.

On the back of the purse, I kept the original design. It is a perfect and delicious apple.

To work with HAORI fabrics is always such an excitement, and when it is an appliqué projects, oh, it makes my life so much more beautiful. These pieces of fabric were selected by HAORI and I loved having them in a kit, including the bias binding, the zipper, the batting and the lining.

Appliquéd images:

You could find the pattern for this pouch in my happy shop.

Wishing you a great start of the new school year and so many rich and beautiful memories!


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