Friday 28 July 2017

TILDA Bumblebee Bag


HOW to make a bag out of one fat-quarter

I chose to design this little, but powerful bag, using one fat-quarter piece of the TILDA originally selected 'Bumblebee' green bundle.

One fat-quarter piece is enough for making the bag and a pouch, that fits perfectly in the same bag. My main colour choice is 'Flower Nest Green'. At the end of my work, I only have few tiny pieces of the fabric left. 

Materials used: 

for the bag:

1 fat-quarter 'Flower Nest Green' for the face of the bag
1 fat-quarter Teal linen for lining
1 Light Blue #8 Sashiko embroidery thread
1 TILDA 'Bumblebee' button
1 pair of LECIEN Jelly Handles Green

for the pouch:

the rest of the 'Flower Nest Green' fat-quarter
two strips of TILDA 'Garden Bees Green'
40 cm of LECIEN Jelly Freedom Zipper
linen in teal for lining

Lecien Jelly Handles come with a pattern for similar type of bag, but I wanted mine to be in very clean and elegant design. Basically, the most important thing one should consider, designing this style of bags is the distance between the tabs that hold the handles. The rest is just the freedom of the mind.

The bag is well equipped with inside double pocket and is friendly accommodating the mini-pouch, made in matching fabric and zipper.

One of the flower nests on the bottom right side of the bag is accented with a crocheted flower, that follows the shape of the nest. I used a sashiko thread #8.

An orange button is another accent on the front, that actually serves a purpose, besides bringing up the tiny traces of orange colour in the main print.

I chose to pick up the pale pink in the flower nests with a little french knot in the centre of the crocheted flower.

I don't think of better fabric to represent the rich in green colour, warm and buzzy summer, but the 'Bumblebee'. And the flower nests are such a celebration of the intense variety of birds that 'invade' our space. With there songs, they make my heart happy and my bee-autiful days become so much sweeter.

Happy summer, dear friends!

Don't forget to enjoy the buzzing of the bees!

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