Thursday, 6 July 2017

Boro Style, super mini-purse

I would like to show you what you could do with these little treasures from HAORI.

On top of the extra care HAORI puts into packing these little cuts (7cm x 7cm), they always provide with the perfect combination of colours and for this mini-charm pack of 100 hand-picked yarn dyed pieces you get a perfect sense of what the company is capable of when it comes to design, texture and colour combination. You get to enjoy many of their fabrics in one little handful adventure.

Materials used:

1. This small pouch is made with scraps, I have left from previous projects, plus some charms from the mini-charm pre-cut bundle
2. For the lining, I used a one piece of HAORI cut fabric in matching colour.
3. Sashiko variegated embroidery thread for connecting the pieces together.
4. Fusible batting. 
5. 'Inazuma' Magnetic button for closing.
6. A piece of fabric for an inside label.


The beauty of working with HAORI is in the tiny details. If you are as passionate as I am about the tiniest details and thread weave in a fabric, this would be your choice of material to start your Sashiko adventure with. The fabric has such a rich design, that not only the colour is a leading factor when making your choice, and not even adding the texture, but the weave itself, that sometimes changes throughout the length of the fabric piece. And all that elements are purely delicate, no screaming turns and sudden stops, so that the tiny details are only visible for those who look closely. 

Adding the Sashiko embroidery to these pieces makes wonders... Suddenly the tiny elements tell much bigger story and you are now holding a story-telling project. With stitches and colour combination, you could enhance certain features in the fabric and mute others, or simply make your own story. This to me is an amazing experience!

1. Sashiko stitching used in connecting the pieces.
2. Fusing the batting.
3. Machine stitching the face and the lining together.
4. Hand-stitching the sides of the purse.

I am so happy with my first boro style tiny purse. It brings me so much joy and desire to explore more the technique of Sashiko stitching. 

Having all the 100 pieces in front of me and picking the colours that speak to me clearly, changing the choices and trying again, collecting the right shapes of fabric and right print, felt like puzzle making - something I haven't done for years. And it felt so nice and peaceful! 

I hope you find a bite of inspiration in my recipe for this mini-purse! It is all about improvising and trying. Every time you are approaching a boro make, you must be aware that it would be a unique, one of its kind make. And that is another reason to feel special and important. 

Thank you so much for being my guests, dear friends! It is always my pleasure and true honour to host this half an hour for you!

Wishing you an adventurous experimenting! 

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