Saturday, 17 February 2018

Macaron Purse

For those of you, who have followed my sweet blog over at Tablier taché, you already know my passion for French pastry delicacy has no limits. The fabric that probably best suits my love is this Yuwa collection I found at Nekoneko Fabric. Not only that all Yuwa prints are made in Japan, but they produce their prints in two different weights - one is Oxford cotton, and the other - quilting cotton. It is perfect for my projects, because I could always use the lighter weight for the lining. 

Prints are very authentic French, to the smallest detail of the filigrees on the stamps. I love these macaron and pastry fabric pieces, so I had to have as many as possible:

It was a delicious photo shoot this one - inspired by fabric :). If you happened to crave the Cream-cheese Macaron Cake on the images, hop over to my blog for the recipe.

My lovely daughter, with her gentle soul, fell immediately in love with the small delicate white print and made a request for a small purse, that could carry all her belongings, including her phone.

I was up for the challenge to design a purse for that with as many compartment as she needed.

It is a lovely feminine little purse, with a leather like strap on a side, a zipper pocket on the inside and one magnetic closer. A covered button stands out to complete the look and simple pink leather accents reinforce the opening and the strap. Everything else was just precise cutting of the print, so I get the best images of pastry in close-up. :)))

My bias binding is all done by hand - no seams anywhere to be seen. 

My angel has so many pockets with this purse - she could even carry a little notebook and a pen inside. 

The things we do for the people we love!

With my whole heart to my lovely daughter,

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