Sunday 30 April 2017

Shabby Sewing Organizer

This organizer is another project, inspired by the Atsuko Matsuyama cheerful book "Happy Flower Quilts". I adapted the recipe quite a bit, also inspired by Kristyne Czepuryk from "Pretty by Hand" and her idea to use the tiny magnets that help attaching the mini pouch and the tiniest pincushion on Earth... 

I fell in love with that fabric as soon as I saw it on the market. 

The beautiful shabby fabrics from Quilt Gate just called my name. This fabric was designed and printed in Japan. It is not available any more since this is an old collection. I am so sorry I did not buy more colours from this collection. For all these years, I did not have the heart to cut into them...Until talented and energetic Carla from Half Dozen Daily organized the 'tiny florals anonymous swap' in Instagram... This is my first participation in a swap. It is so intriguing and challenging. I get to see so many beautiful creations from wonderful people. It was worth cutting my precious fabric for one of them ;)

The organizer provides a home for a pair of scissors, wider pocket for a small ruler, or a set of needles, skinnier pocket for a pencil or a fabric pen. I accessorized it with four wooden mini-spools, threaded with DMC embroidery floss, approximately 1.5 m in length. The spools are mounted on a hand-crocheted pink string that twists around fabric covered mini-buttons. 

The mini pouch that could collect thread, set of needles, buttons, thimble, and all different mini-notions is attached to the case with miniature magnet. This was an idea I hugged from Kristyne Czepuryk and made this organizer look so much more elegant. The same attachment I applied to the miniature pin cushion. I found it very helpful, also because it is easy to always attach it to the scissors and never lose it. The mini pouch closes with a magnet.

And that is all about the blue version of this sewing organizer. Off it flies to my partner in the #tinyfloralanonymousswap and I am really hoping she would like it and find a use of it.

The cream version of the organizer goes to my little happy shop  and I am hoping it will make someone happy.

The organizer is hand-quilted all around the lovely roses, accenting the blossoms and the leaves. I used matching DMC embroidery floss for that. It is also hand-quilted at all the seams around and few flowing stitches on the cream background. The inside is interfaced with heavy-weight fusible interfacing. The bias tape is machine-sewn on the outside and then hand-slip-stitched on the inside, so there is no visible seams on the edges. The matching cream zipper is a bit longer for comfort.

This sewing organizer does have absolutely the same features as the teal one, just different print on the elements. 

I love this beautiful organizer! We travel a lot and on our last family trip, I was appliquéing for two days in the car. I did not have anything like this organizer to keep all my notions and needs organized but now I will make one for myself as well. 

This little one goes in my treasure chest that keeps wonderful heart makings. 

Roses, teal, cream and pink - I couldn't think of anything more romantic than that...

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Hope you all have a very romantic day! Thank you for sharing your time with me!


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