Friday 7 April 2017

Old-fashioned Pincushion

I love the rustic look of this pincushion, I have created with so much love. It took a harsh training of my patience muscle, but I think I behaved well. 

A lot of hand appliqué was involved. To make this circles even and perfectly round was a challenge not only because of the shape (that somewhat turned out not so perfect in places), but because of the repetition - I had to appliqué all 10 of them and I have to admit, I felt like it was eternity. I like dynamics, different shapes, change of character, swings, fire and action. Repetition is a killer mood for me. But, surprisingly, these cute little circles made me love them. 

The embroidery part was the best - they all show different character through the embroidery floss that proudly and lovingly enhances their shape (with that the imperfections as well) and colour.

Love, love, love this little tiny pincushion! It reminds me of an ancient period of time, when people loved tiny treasures like that, and actually took the time to make something beautiful besides the necessities. I still wonder how they were able to find time for that.

I used the beautiful HAORI fabrics for this pincushion. It is just the perfect one - the coarse weave resembles my grandmother's hand weave ... brings so much memories from my childhood.... It is never boring to work with HAORI - not a single piece is the same as the others. Imagine what the story behind creating the fabric is!

My working needle and pins are very well taken care of in their new cosy home.

I hope you have something tiny and cute around you every day, to inspire you!

Have a happy crafty day, friends! Thank you for stopping by!

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