Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Coffee and Mascarone

I couldn't resist the temptation to show you this beautiful combination from HAORI.

This fabric really inspire and lead me to dangerous and adventurous journey. Sometimes, I don't really think projects, but styling and coordinating. My senses become sharper and the drive to create reaches unleashed wildness.

Coffee and Mascarpone is one of my favourite European deserts - the delicious Italian Tiramisu, served with fresh espresso is a real treat. It seems to have new, better measurements now with this yummy combination of yarn-dyed fabric, designed by the amazing Lina Yang.

Wait to see what I have planned for these beauties. But for now, I can not let the Tiramisu stay for long. It is so fresh and juicy, I better take a good care savouring it with friends and family.

I have thought about you, my dear followers and readers, true supporters and friends. Since I couldn't physically share this amazing dessert with you, I would share the recipe for it in my culinary heaven

Have a delicious life with my Tiramisu Stracciatella !


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