Sunday, 25 September 2016

Lavender Wings

I hardly believe how much lavender there was in my yard for harvesting - at the end of September... Autumn promises to be so beautiful! When it comes to the seasons, I am not sure which one I love the most. But every time after the end of summer, I am excited about the presence of autumn - she is so interesting with all these colours - the Nature is in her best dresses.

Lavandula is a name I grew up with - the scent of lavandula used to wake me up every morning, before school. This is one of the things that brings me back to my childhood.

The first lavender harvest, I had in early summer, was carefully dried and ready to use. 

I needed the sachets and I needed them pretty. For my lavender plants, Tilda's wings are perfect. 

I am so inspired by Tilda's books. There are so many projects in there I would like to do.

Materials needed:

1. Lavender coloured cottons
2. Embroidery floss
3. Fibre fill
4. Dried lavender blossoms

I incorporated the dried lavender blossoms into the fibre fill and filled the sewn wings. 

I am Lavender

These are my thoughts

They are hollow and young

But they are sincere and sad

Lavender Night


Close your eyes now,
feel the warm wind

breath deeply,
move your purple wings
The stars are watching
over you in this lavender
night. How everything
seems so quiet and bright...

The magic of field
is touching your soul
don't look to the crow,
the darkness covers all.
You are alone - little fairy
in whispering lavender world
Now is the time for you-
not to cry, just to
spread your fragile wings
and fly with the breeze.♥r ........

The new picks of flowers ... That means more lavender sachets.

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