Sunday 26 March 2017

🍓 Strawberries

Before spring arrives, I am already busy celebrating juicy fragrant strawberries. This placemat is inspired by the colourful happy book of Atsuko Matsuyama and although the recipe is changed a little bit, I used her design for the appliquéd strawberries and turned them into a mini place mat - big enough to serve well my little one for her lunches at school.

HAORI is the fabric I use for canvas on which I needle drew these succulent fruits. The weight of the yarn-dyed cottons of Haori is perfect for placemats. Although it has been quilted, it is still pretty structured and stable.

The quilting print cottons are from LECIEN, "Retro 30's child smile" collection, Spring 2016.

Bunnies are so cute! I couldn't resist including them in this projects.

For a chocolate lover like me, the combination of strawberries and chocolate is irresistible. Please, forgive the load of deliciousness in the next picture! You could find the recipe though in my culinary blog here.

Have a sweet and delicious life, dear friends, and thanks for sharing this moment with me!

Yours truly,
Ivelina 🍓

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