Saturday 4 February 2017

'Happy Flowers' mini-pouch

"Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. " 
Ralf Waldo Emerson  

The pattern for this little pouch comes from the colourful Atsuko Matsuyama book "Happy Flower Quilts". The title  itself is charging, and happiness-metre goes crazy when you look at the cover. It really is one vibrant presentation of what to expect, before you open the book. When I received my copy, I needed to spend minutes in admiration, felt thirsty for more, but did not want to run fast through the pages. Hypnotic projects, addictive prints and many, many patterns.

I chose this one to start with, just because I couldn't resist the scalloped pattern on one of the sides of the pouch.

My pouch has two completely different sides. Both of them are so beautiful and despite of the huge contrast that makes them look strangers to each other, they are connected in a flowery way. 
✽. ✾. ✿. ❀. ❁. ❃. ❊. ❋. ✣.

For the pouch I used exclusively Haori yarn-dyed cotton fabric, mainly the dots and stripes prints; variegated embroidery floss; metal zipper and lots and lots of hand-stitching. 

My pouch is happy, really really happy, mostly because I was happy while making it, but basically, it is because of the embroidered flowers I had a chance to 'paint'. Every chance I have, I grab my favourite embroidery needle No. 3 and start painting. And this little pouch presented me with quite a lot of opportunities to do that.

The machine stitches were as follows: side seems of the pouch, to construct the body; the darts on the bottom and one side of the bias tape on the top.

I love hand-stitching, mainly because the seams are invisible. I love hand-quilting - it is so much more textured. And about the embroidery - no words can describe the feeling. Embroidery stitches speak for themselves, always telling a story, always describing a character.

It is real winter here - snow, cold, north wind, every little detail... But my beautiful flowery pouch makes me feel the spring - one real 'happy flower' experience.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with me, dear beautiful, happy flowers!
 ✽. ✾. ✿. ❀. ❁. ❃. ❊. ❋. ✣. ✤ 


  1. haori taiwan pattern 121 said could get pattern on website but none do you know which website she is refering too? haori taiwan fabric shop is all i can fine but no patterns there. she said lesson 121 is new pattern.

    1. Dear Sharon, thank you for the note!
      I have mentioned in the beginning of the post that this is a pouch, made with HAORI Taiwan fabric and the pattern is from Atsuko Matsuyama's book "Happy Flower Quilts". It is an active link that will take you to the book store, or you could look for the book yourself, just by searching the name and the author. Ms. Matsuyama has many more projects in her book, some of which I have created and wrote about. Happy stitching!